It can be difficult to plan your wedding. Keep a journal in which you can record important dates and information. Also keep a wedding folder where you can organize all your wedding-related paperwork, from invitations to the final payment. If you’re a Type A personality think about hiring a wedding planner. These suggestions will help you plan and make sure you have a stress-free, wedding that is stress-free.

Hire a wedding planner if you’re an A-type personality.
If you’re a Type A personality, hiring an event planner is crucial. Because you’re extremely organized and enjoy having everything just right you could end up worrying about the smallest details and overlooking certain essential aspects. Fortunately, this character trait is highly desirable. Here are some reasons to employ a wedding planner.

It is important to have experience! It’s important to make sure that the wedding planner you select has experience in the business. Find out how long they’ve been in business and how many weddings they’ve planned. Ask for testimonials that are positive and how many similar weddings have they planned. Find out if the planner has experiences planning weddings that are similar to yours, and if their style is similar to yours. Before hiring a wedding planner who is recommended by someone else, ensure that they have proof of professional insurance.

Put aside a sensible amount
To ensure a stress-free experience, set a realistic budget. If you are establishing your budget, be sure to have a 5 percent buffer for unforeseen costs. Unexpected expenses could be anything from flowers to hot or cold weather to space heaters or additional shade. small accidents, like taking spots off dresses, should also be considered. A wedding is an expensive event, so you don’t want to be caught without enough money to cover everything.

Before you even begin planning your wedding, it is essential to consider your budget. It should be realistic and reflect your priorities. If you are passionate about a particular aspect of the celebration, you could spend more. While some couples may decide to spend more on flowers, food, and a videographer than others, others may opt to save money on these things. A realistic budget will ensure that you don’t experience any stress from money-related worries.

Create a to-do list
To reduce stress, it is a good idea to create an action plan for wedding planning. A list of things to do can be daunting when it’s long but it’s less intimidating when you break it up into segments. Setting deadlines and rewards for completing tasks can ease stress. Ruffled Talk about your wedding plans with your spouse as well as your friends to ensure that you both have the capacity to make decisions and keep each other informed on the progress.

It is essential to have a plan for hair and makeup appointments. Make sure to include touch-ups for the bride’s hair and makeup. Be sure to leave enough time for the wedding party to get their hair and makeup done. For grooms, arrange an appointment with a barber for the morning of the wedding day for the groomsmen. Then, arrive early for the reception. Once you have established the timeline, communicate with your wedding planner and the bridal party to make sure they adhere to the timeline.

Avoid unnecessary ideas and items at a wedding
For a stress-free bride stay clear of the numerous, unnecessary ideas and items that add unnecessary stress and pressure to the celebration. It’s all about you and your partner and not trying to look perfect like everyone else. Weddings are emotional occasions. Don’t compare yourself with other guests. Avoid wedding websites that offer inspiration.

A recent survey by of 500 engaged and newlyweds showed that 96 % of couples were stressed out due to their wedding planning. It’s not surprising that a lot of them spend tens of thousand of dollars to throw a party with 120 guests. You’ll be overwhelmed by the variety of wedding ideas and items you can choose from.

Invest in a healthy diet
Planning a wedding is exciting but also stressful and enjoyable. You can’t afford not taking good care of your health. It’s a stressful time that can affect your mental, physical and emotional health. While you might not be able to take an off, it is essential to follow a healthy diet to maintain your energy levels and reduce your stress levels during the process of planning. Here are some tips to be healthy when planning your wedding.

Take care of your body. You’ll require energy to take care of your wedding plans, and you do not want to be hungover. Exercise is a great method to relieve stress and increase endorphins. Consider signing up for an online personal training program like HipTrain which provides training without the need for a partner. Your body will be grateful in the future. Have fun!

Hire a day of coordinator if love the engagement process
A day of coordinator can be a good alternative if you enjoy the process of arranging your engagement but don’t have the time or the desire to plan the entire wedding. They can make your day enjoyable and stress-free. They can assist you with any issues or setup. Their expertise and advice is also available. You can also employ day coordinators if you already have a wedding planner. They can assist you with the planning of your wedding.

The day of the wedding, the wedding coordinator is responsible for ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day of the wedding. They are responsible for managing the vision and timeline, and ensure that the bride and all guests are able to remember the day. A day of wedding coordinator will also act as an intermediary between the bride and vendors, solving any potential issues before they happen. During this period, the coordinator will begin to work with you approximately one month prior to your wedding, overseeing all communication with vendors on your behalf.